Elaine and Greg are getting married on the west coast next month, yay! I shot with Bonnie J Heath Photography at the ultra-chic Ambient + Studio in Atlanta to help capture their engagement photos. In addition to the comfortable elegance they exuded the whole time, my mind was totally blown away by their props! To clarify, they provided everything – from the lighted LOVE sign to the chalkboard hearts-on-a-string (such a great idea!).

I can’t wait to see their wedding photos – they’re naturals in front of the camera!

Every wedding has a different feel – some are vibrant and boisterous, some formal and elegant, a few can be fun and goofy, while others are intimate and heartfelt. What makes a great wedding? I believe it’s when the venue and couple fit each other perfectly and create something that just feels right.

Emily and Andrew chose this chapel located in a pine forest just outside the charming town of LaGrange, Georgia. Constructed out of the very same pinewood, the chapel’s straightforward gracefulness feels completely in place. I hope these pictures convey just how inviting their wedding was!

Just thought I’d share some recent portraits I took of my brother, Wes. Summoning his inner model, he helped me test out my new 100mm lens. Modeling is so much more difficult than most people think. You have to appear relaxed but in a very deliberate way. Nice work, bro!

Happy New Year, everyone!

In celebration of an exciting 2014, I’d like to share with you a winter cocktail I created with a variety of seasonal ingredients. It’s a great way to use those leftover cranberries!

Shake together and serve over ice:

  • 3 parts gin
  • 3 parts simple syrup
  • 2 parts berry/peppercorn reduction*
  • 1 part lemon juice
  • splash of seltzer

*For the berries, I combined a little over half a pound of fresh cranberries, red currants and a teaspoon of pink peppercorns. I boiled this in a cup of water until the berries had burst, let the mixture cool, then put the syrup through a strainer to remove seeds and skins.


Atlanta Chef Tyler Williams of Bacchanalia and Woodfire Grill fame created a unique Choose Your Own Adventure culinary journey. Served among the canopy to 24 lucky diners at the striking Glass Treehouse in Ormewood Park. Diners were asked to choose their path through the eight course meal by answering a series of questions – for example,”hot or cold?” and “light or dark?”

These are images from the third and final dinner Sunday evening. Full gallery here.



Here’s a sneak peak from Emily and Andrew’s wedding earlier this month. This romantic wooden chapel is hidden among the golden pines of LaGrange, Georgia. The warm light of late afternoon and a chapel full of family and friends made for a genuinely special moment. This is why I love photographing weddings above all else, they’re beautiful events – visually and emotionally!

Here are a few of my favorite sunset shots from Catherine and John’s welcome dinner earlier this month. Couldn’t have asked for a better sunset! Congrats again, you two!

Despite living in the South for most of my life, somehow I had escaped the tourist destination of Rock City. Instead of the usual landscape shots (it was pretty hazy out this Labor Day), here’s something pretty unique. Rock City has an underground section comprised of UV-lit sculptures from traditional fairy tales. The room pictured here apparently took six years to complete. Pretty fun to see in person!

Sometimes you need help. This is doubly true when we’re talking aphid infestation. Apparently mail order ladybugs are a thing and a surprisingly effective one at that. Almost all of these little dudes made it through the mail and a brief stay in the fridge before being dispatched to eat bugs in our garden. Aphids: gone!

Not all of our pest control came packaged via Amazon. I couldn’t get super close to the mantis here (this one was on the move) but check out those eyes!

A few days before moving to Atlanta, I shot my last wedding in Cville. We had great luck with the weather, particularly the dramatic, deep blue skies.

Dandan and Songqing’s parents were in from China and everyone looked sharp! Not speaking any Chinese myself, I got to sharpen my hand gesture skills. Congratulations Dandan and Songqing and double-congrats on your Darden graduation two days later, Dandan!